A Personal Plea

Hey everyone,

I know, it’s been a while since I posted anything new on this page. Life and all that jazz, I think we know the refrain. So, let’s hit some of the highlights:

  • Work is going well, recently traveled up to the corporate office as part of our program to develop managers. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot during it, so it’s exciting to see how things will play out over the next few months.
  • I proposed to my now fiance on Christmas Eve (he said yes, if that wasn’t obvious). We’re excited about that, and while we’ve decided to wait a bit, we’re already digging into the planning aspect of it (and I’m getting into the swing of putting together our ceremony, because that’s just how I roll).
  • Finally, on a more immediate note, and to the actual purpose behind getting back to this blog: about a week ago, my dog Caleb suffered a spinal injury while playing with our other (somewhat larger and yet clumsier) dog Harley. Turns out, it was a bulging disc in his lumbar region, and this severely hindered his ability to walk. Honestly, it was a devastating couple of days as we considered what to do. Surgery was the recommended option. Out of consideration for his quality of life (and for our own sanity), we bit the bullet, so to speak. The cost hit us pretty hard, but it’s worth it knowing that he will truly be on the mend, and as close to back to normal as he can get. What we are asking/hoping, is that our friends, followers, loved ones, random people out in cyberspace that we have connected with, in some way, will find a way to help us offset some of the cost from this procedure. If you can donate, please go to this page, and if you could help spread the word, that would be greatly appreciated too.


Again, thanks for getting through this, and welcoming me back.